Saturday, March 13, 2010

Backup/Move/Migrate Windows Sharepoint Services 3 Sites

We know there are multiples way to backup an WSS ( Windows Sharepoint Services ) stsadm/Central Administration/BE Agent/System Center DPM, etc.

Out of all of them I prefer to use stsadm. Specially because it allows you me to backup and specific site collection and restore it to any other server in another AD ( Adtive Directory ) or the same AD.

It won't matter if it's a different Hardward or topology.

Here are the steps

Source server you just run

stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://wss-matostech -filename c:\site1.bak -overwrite
stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://wss-matostech/sites/main -filename c:\site2.bak -overwrite

Targe server

You must create two new sites http://new-server/s1-s2, or http://new-server/sites/s1-s2. Not doing this will override any new information of thi server.

stsadm.exe -o restore -url http://new-server/s1 -filename c:\site1.bak -overwrite
stsadm.exe -o restore -url http://new-server/s1 -filename c:\site2.bak -overwrite

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